Copyright license

The Financial Secrecy Index 2020 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 - see full terms and conditions here). This means that the data is made freely available for non-commercial use, and that you are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and remix, transform, and build upon the material, as long as you give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made; do not use the material for commercial purposes; and distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

Commercial use is not covered by this licence, and requires the purchase of a separate licence. Click here to register for a commercial licence if needed. This licence has a one-off cost of £3,000 + VAT (if applicable).

Note that all users must register using this form to access FSI data in Excel format, but that registration is free for non-commercial users.

General guidance on what constitutes commercial use of the data is here. We would regard most use of the data by a for-profit financial institution (such as for an internal risk assessment by a bank) as commercial use, as well as the inclusion of FSI 2020 data in any product or service that is sold to third parties (including to existing clients who are paying for a service that might include access to FSI 2020 data in the future). We do not regard the reproduction of FSI 2020 data in paid-for media articles as commercial use, however.